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Video Production
Lost in Saigon | Cinematic Vlog
レオパレス21様のコワーキングスペース紹介動画/ Video introduction of co-working space
Company Branding
Chiyoda Sushi ちよだ鮨 CM 広告動画
Company Branding
Double Wish “Nay Thanh Tho Dia” / Music Video
名刺の交換の仕方(ベトナム人向け)/ How to exchange business cards (for Vietnamese people)
How To
RELIA VIETNAM JSC / Employer branding Video
Company Branding Employer Branding
レオパレス21様の個室サービス紹介動画/ Private Room Service Introduction Video
Company Branding
Sakura Maid Service/ Company Branding Video
Company Branding